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The tradition of printmaking in fine art is centuries old, though not all printmaking techniques are traditional. A print is an original artwork created using whatever medium(s) and technique(s) the artist has selected. A print is not a reproduction of an existing artwork or painting.

A painting, drawing, or sketch may be used as the starting point for the print, but the end result is something quite different. A print is termed “original” if the artist has worked on the printing elements themselves, as opposed to reproductive and interpretative prints, which involve the use of an intermediary person to reproduce a design. Original prints are often produced in smaller quantities and are numbered and signed accordingly by the artist.

Printmaking techniques may be, and often have been, combined. Dozens of other printmaking techniques can be used, typically in combination with traditional approaches to create new original techniques. Artists are artists, not technicians — no true artist will hesitate to use any technique that gives him or her the results they desire.


Dill puppet in progress


Dine carving heart

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