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Tandem Press was created to ensure a continued leading role in UW–Madison’s rich printmaking tradition. To do this, Tandem adheres to the philosophy that students must play integral roles in its operation. Over the years, hundreds of students have apprenticed at Tandem, where they worked closely with artists, master printers, and Tandem staff. The success of Tandem Press could not have been achieved without the help of the many students who have worked here since its inception. Below are several student accounts reflecting on their time spent with Tandem Press.

Student Testimonials:

Patrick Miko
My phenomenal experience at Tandem helped shape me to become the printmaker and educator I am today. Great people and an awesome facility to learn, work, and to watch innovation while participating collaboratively. I use the skills I learned and experiences I gained in my studio, in my classroom, and I have even started a small press at my college using Tandem as a model.

Eleanor Droll
Working at Tandem strengthened my studio practice and sharpened my problem-solving skills that I now use in many other aspects of my working life. It was excellent working with so many dedicated artists (including my fellow work-mates) and learning how an artist took an idea and, with the help of printer Andy Rubin, realized it either as planned (or closely to it) or with a new, unanticipated spin.

Willa Anderson
Working at Tandem, especially at the time I did in the course of my undergrad education, really helped open my eyes to the wider world of contemporary printmaking and realize all the things that can be done with those mediums. It expanded my knowledge of the practice, introduced me to some wonderful people, and provided a very welcoming space to learn and print.

Elizabeth Stoutamire
It was fascinating to work with artists, such as Judy Pfaff, that pushed the boundaries of the edition, not only using the press but often hand cutting, burning, and spray painting paper. The production experience at Tandem taught me to use more than just paper and ink as a printmaker.

Liz Roth
It was a privilege to be immersed in the working process of other artists. It compelled me to seek out other ways to meet professional artists, and this led me to apply for artist residencies. I’ve been awarded ten so far. It was Tandem that helped me see the importance of seeking out these experiences.

Todd Anderson
1994–1997; 1999–2000
Inspired by the visiting artists, taught by the Master Printers and lifetime friendships made with my fellow interns… I am so fortunate to be an artist and printmaker today and I owe that to Tandem Press. Go Badgers!

Brenda Baker
Working at Tandem Press during its first three years of operation was THE pivotal experience of my graduate education, and made an enormous impact on my life as an artist, curator and change maker in my community…Bill Weege was a huge inspiration for me and continues to be, because he quietly made things happen, removing barriers, believing in the possible, and having a tremendous amount of fun along the way to achieving his dream that became Tandem Press.

Michael Arnsteen
Tandem is the epitome of what an efficient and organized print studio should look like and a living, breathing example of how one should function. The work environment fosters an extremely productive shop and a community minded attitude that continues to serves as a model for my own studio practice. I have been able to carry what I learned inside the Tandem print shop with me to any other shop and apply my far greater understanding of professionalism, organization, planning, problem-solving, cleanliness, safety, and craftsmanship.

Yijin Kim
I came from Korea to study abroad at UW-Madison because I already heard about Tandem Press. My friend Sewen Koo strongly recommended Wisconsin so that I could have a chance to work at one of the most wonderful printmaking studios in the world. I liked the system of Tandem and I really respect kindness of Tandem staff. I learned so much about printmaking at Tandem. I came back to Korea after I finished my graduate course at UW and now strongly recommend Tandem Press to other students for their printmaking. It is a fantastic and brilliant place.